Bar fever

Posted on March 20, 2011


Its been long since the last time i had a drive to write. What i like about my WP blog is that  i write from the heart. I use my keyboard not because i want to tell something to the world but because   primarily i want to express myself…that is the satisfaction (yeah, this is the way i talk to myself).

Henniways, the result of 2010 Bar Exam was out last Thursday. I remember myself being excited hours before the Supreme Court actually revealed the official list of new lawyers, because i had friends and previous classmates who managed to complete the 4-week exam and hoping to see their names in the much awaited list. Sadly, the 2011 result has the second lowest passing percentage in the last 10 years, only 20.26% passed. Of course i was happy for a few i know who passed the bar, and sad about some close friends who didn’t make it.

Between the greetings and comforting, i find myself  both excited and scared. Technically, one more semester and i have to go to that long process of 6-month intensive review and hurray !!! bar exam. Am i ready for it? It was our final meeting in Conflict of Laws class last Saturday, the professor reminded us the importance of really investing preparation to succeed in the bar exam, emphasizing that the 6-month review is not enough).

She’s very right of course. I’ve watched a tribute to this year’s bar topnotcher and his house was still full of photocopies of  cases and books everywhere. Indeed, he studied and prepared much. When asked how he topped the bar? He said he just did what everybody else did : STUDY

OMG, as a returnee to the College of Law, it is far more difficult for me to remember all the legal principles that i studied more than 10 years ago. And now here i am having my review.  I decided to start with my waterloo…Remedial Law. My goal is to finish reading (with understanding) the Revised Rules of Court within the next 2 months.

Legal practice is a privilege. And to be among the privileged few, it takes hard work, will and faith.



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