My Girlfriends’ Diary : Excerpt from Empty

Posted on January 4, 2012


I grew up watching and listening to radio DJ named Joe de Mango. I always look forward to his evening TV program Love Notes and always excited to wait  for it on air every Friday at 10 AM–that was 90′s. I really enjoyed his thoughts about love and relationship. Aside from my classmate who said i was hopeless romantic, he is actually one of the driving forces behind the piece of literature  i wrote in 2009, entitled  My Girlfriends’ Diary.

Let me share part of My Girlfriends’ Diary. I hope you like it.

Dear Diary,

I’ve known him for a short period of time but his absence makes me feel so empty. If i didnt show up on that dinner, i would have been writing a different story by this time. For a month, i felt that someone is willing to dedicate his time in making me happy, taking care of me and showing me the world. But i dont know what happened why things change suddenly. He stopped calling me and inviting me out. I have questions in my mind. Did he feel something special for me or he just liked the person i am? Is there something between us or i just assumed that we can start something? I am not an expert in fallling in love with a stranger…this maybe my first time. Sean came into my life when i least expect but like a thief, he stole my heart and runaway. Always,  YCEL

MAYA THINKS :  I hate “disappearing acts”. This is a punishment to the heart. From the words of your letter, it seems that you made emotional investment for this stranger. This is the reason why you are experiencing the pain of losing him.  OMG (oh my girl…) i have officially included you in the long list of women who fell in love with a magician. There are hundreds of reasons that we can think of why he magically disappeared: maybe he is committed either with a girlfriend or he is married, or maybe he just felt that “this is not the girl for me” ooops! did i hit you on that?…sorry but  i talk straight. For whatever reason, the fact that he just vanished without a heads up means he doesnt deserve a second of your thought. Forget him !

ELSIE THINKS : Fall in love but never give your heart to someone. We cannot control our emotions, we cannot chose the person to love. It comes as natural as the sunshine. I felt sorry that this happens to you. But generally, anything that you get so quick, you will lose just the same. As i see it, your impulse is still at its peak. You long to have him in your life, you have few happy memories, you think he is your Mr. Right. This situation can happen to you several times in your life. Just enjoy the feeling—the smiling laughing and even crying

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