The “heart” or “hurt” day

Posted on February 12, 2012


Gosh ! it’s  almost half of  February 2012. And on Tuesday, its Valentines Day. Not that i don’t believe in such celebration, but due to time constraints i never usually notice this day on my annual calendar. Oh, what a great excuse to justify a lonely Valentines day 🙂 Kidding aside, this day it is either a “heart day” or “hurt day ” for some.

Why heart day? Very obvious, if you are happily committed with someone and the other party is happily committed with you, then it’s a heart day for you. Expect for single or bunch of roses, love notes, cards, chocolates, gifts, a date, candle light dinner, kisses and more….

Why hurt day? Now, it’s  a long discussion but id rather present the prominent scenarios:

1.You expect to receive a Valentines Day surprise from someone special and he or she totally forgot (intentional or otherwise) that it’s Valentines day.

2. The love of your life is away or overseas on Valentines day and nothing material can offset your distance. And even technology presents alternatives like call, sms, text, skype, facebook or any other  form of communication, it cannot replace his or her physical presence.

3. You recently broke up with someone and this is your first time to celebrate Valentines day without him or her. Let us just say the wound is still fresh, and drinking or a trip cannot make you forget him on Valentines day.

4. Your partner notwithstanding availability on such day, rather choose to do something else (usually work or career related)  instead of you two celebrating Valentines together.

5. You’ve been spending Valentines Day alone since time immemorial (just giving you a laugh), and you realized that “Single and Happy” doesn’t work all the time specially on Valentines Day, and sometimes being single on this day can make you sad.

6. Well, im running out of idea, but the worst thing that could probably spoil your Valentines is to find out that your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, wife or husband is spending Valentines Day…not with you but with somebody else.

Enough of the “hurt day” , the whole idea of Valentines Day is not confined with erotic love or romance between two persons. You can always celebrate Valentines Day as a “heart” day. Celebrate love between friends (Phileo), and family (Storge), or do something charitable (Agape-unconditional love). Believe me Valentines Day can be a year round celebration of a “heart” day, big time 🙂

photo is courtesy of Treats by Myla. I love their cupcakes.

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