My Holy Week wish

Posted on March 31, 2012


I believe in God, but I am not as religious as other people. I am not proud that I could n’t religiously attend the mass weekly, but I am proud that I strive hard to live my life the way God wants it to be. But of course being human, I have my share of imperfections and mistakes. I love to attend a MImageass and listen to the Gospel of God; however, based on personal experience, there are few things that I don’t like inside the church:

  1. The mall hoppers. I hate it when I see people who forgot that the church is not a party place and no matter how big the sign is which says “please follow the correct (which means decent) dress code”,  some girls are so proud to display their spaghetti straps, mini-skirts and shorts that almost look like an underwear. Yeah…nice legs, but please the church is not a mall.
  1. The family meetings. I agree, Sunday is family day. But I wish you don’t conduct your family meeting while the priest is explaining the Gospel. We have our own list of things to shop after the mass so don’t confuse me hearing your  family activities and shopping list. Yeah…spending quality time with the family is great, but please discuss your itineraries at home.
  1. The mommy day care. It’s ok to bring young children during the mass. I just hope that parents are sensitive enough to bring them outside once their tantrums are creating so much noise. The worst experience I had was that the mother herself was the one so noisy trying to silence her daughter. What’s more, about this mother and daughter tandem? They  had “clap your hands and where’s your eyes session” during the mass. What surprised me most, after creating such a disturbing talent show off, this mom rushed on the line to receive the communion. Yeah, smart baby…but please mommy you’re not making a smart example to your daughter.
  1. The annoying guards. These are the people you will see standing at the back and blocking church doors even if there are still so many vacant seats in the church. For unknown reason, they just want to stand there and prohibit the smooth entry of parishioners and fresh air.

This Holy Week…

I wish all of us can visit the church and PRAY.

I wish for us to become more sensitive that people are there to PRAY.

I wish we all respect other people’s moment of silence and bonding with GOD.

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