A photo and a story : The Star

Posted on April 2, 2012


I’m not a professional photographer. Although i took a short course in photography back in 2009 when i bought my first dslr, i’m still not sure if my photos follow the correct lighting and other photography rules. No matter how badly taken, I’ve been keeping some special pictures because when i look at them, it’s like reading a book. Each tells a story.

The Star. Not all stars are in heaven. You can reach some on earth. You would even bend to get them. I catched one at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. When i was young, i love to watch the stars at night and wonder why they twinkle. I’m puzzled why some things that make us happy are placed very far. But when i look at this picture, i get the same feeling like i look at the stars in a night sky. I guess i never changed through the years. I still love the enigma behind  things. The only difference now is that i have come to realize that not all stars are far fetched.

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