A photo and a story : The Tower

Posted on June 9, 2012


The Tower.  I am an admirer of human artistry and the wonders of his creation. As a young girl from Asia, I see Tour Eiffel  both as a physical tower which peak is beyond my reach and a far-fetched journey to come to Paris and be at its peak. Well, I proved myself wrong. And in my effort to document my Eiffel Tower visit, I decided to put a twist in one of its photos. Taking a shot in an unfamiliar angle, I was surprised and loved the result. This then became one of my favorite photos. Some see it as a flower, some a cross, some that of a window; but to me, I look at it as a realization of something I thought would never happen. Our eyes deceive us more often, but our belief will always unveil what we want to see.

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