Earning $ in the Virtual World

Posted on January 6, 2013


With a fear of not having local employment after relocating back to the Philippines, a month before resigning from my job in the Middle East, I made some research how I could earn some cash with little or no capital.

To make the story short, I ventured into money-making efforts both in the real and virtual worlds.  Yes, I have tried various businesses while accepting online jobs. Much weight of my time was devoted into my real world business which required my physical presence in various stages of service delivery. At the same time, I was happy with some dollars I received for doing legal writing-researchcreative and content writing  online.

As I got busy with my studies, I’ve decided to stop juggling between two income sources. It was TIME which decided for me to choose the work online rather than a toxic business.

After years of working online, I hope in this page, I could share my own journey and the things I’ve learned about online jobs. Hopefully, it could help a newbie in Earning $ in the Virtual World.

I’ve written many things for other people and it’s ironic that I seldom write for my own blog. So I asked myself, why not start now?