love “me”

Posted on November 23, 2015


Today I am feeling sick and tired, physically and otherwise. I look at the mirror and I don’t recognize myself anymore. Yeah I totally forgot “me” since 5 years back. I focused on building up many “things” in my life. I focused on making other people happy, giving what they want, living up to their opinion and expectations.

I always feel tired and unhappy, but today I am at the peak of it, a saturation point maybe. So I talked to myself like crazy “duh what have you done to yourself, where have you been?”.

Obviously, it was my mind that talked back. I thought of my sacrifices that no one seem to notice. I thought of those regrets and what ifs. Yeah it was a toxic journey. Except for one travel to Europe, I can’t seem to recall any other time I was kind to myself. I gave up many things and opportunities. I had my chance to maybe have a happier “every days” but I blew it. Yes, I did let it pass because maybe i was a little harsh to myself, and love others too much, even if they fall short to give all the love and care in return.

So I have come to realize that when you are drained of happiness, love and care, you need to refuel to make a better start.

So I made a great decision today.

I will love “me”.