About the Author

elsiemaya is :

a lawyer (hopefully, so i need to study seriously)

a big fan of music (i like Lea Salonga )

a brat with tantrums (well, well, well what can i say…)

a dslr buddy ( selectively taking photos base on my mood)

and now, a self confessed travel bug ( solitude overseas is a challenge i love to face )

i guess that’s me.

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  1. Hi Elsie! Thanks for following my blog. Waiting for your future posts. Thanks!


  2. Malou Prestado

    January 9, 2012

    Hi Elsie, nice blog from a lawyer’s perspective. Your blog caught my eye because I also aspired to be a lawyer in the distant past (I double majored in Political Science and Economics). You also mentioned Miriam’s appointment as a judge at the ICC which is based in The Hague. I studied for my MA in The Hague and when I lived there, I used to cycle to the Peace Palace where the International Court of Justice is based and to the War Crimes Tribunal where the likes of Milosevic, etc. were tried.

    • hi Malou, i am so glad to be in touch with someone who shares my interest, and Wow !!!! you took your MA in the Hague 🙂 i am particularly interested in international law and is also maintaining a website called lextransnational.info. hopefully, i would also go to The Hague this summer to study private international law.let’s keep in touch. The Travel Bug, elsie


  3. Malou Prestado

    January 10, 2012

    Hi Elsie, Good to know that you are coming in summer. Keep in touch. I live quite some distance now from The Hague because I work in Amsterdam but I go there from time to time. Recent one was end-November for an audience with the Queen and the President of Mali. My former school hosted a lecture by the President of Mali and Queen Beatrix was in attendance.

  4. Hello Elsie,

    I am not familiar with our laws.
    I am not good in literature either.
    But I’m interested in travels.


    • Hi Arnold, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad we share some similar interest. Let us continue sharing our travel stories 🙂 Your friendly Travel Bug, ~ elsie ~


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